Steve Matthews and Associates

Transformational Leadership Coaching

Dr. Steve Matthews is committed to coaching leaders to develop a style of consultative, ethical and inspirational leadership which enables leaders and their teams to become exceptional performers, communicators and designers of new possibilities.

The aim of leadership coaching is to bring about sustained behavioural change and transform the quality of your working and personal life, as well as achieve specific business outcomes. The leadership coaching that Steve offers is both transformational and holistic, as it focuses on both your inner and outer game.

Team Coaching

Steve is regularly invited to facilitate workshops in numerous organisations from a range of different industries. The content ranges from leadership development and teamwork to clarifying the vision, values and strategic plan, presentation skills, embracing change and building a high-performance culture.

In consultation with you (the client), a custom-designed workshop can be created and facilitated by Steve, who will working closely with you and your team to address specific challenges facing your business and your team. The team will learn and practice strategies, skills and behaviours to successfully solve these challenges

Performance Coaching for Leaders

Performance Coaching will focus on your ‘performance power’ and how this manifests in the workplace, whether you are making live or online presentations, media appearances, communicating your vision, facilitating meetings, coaching your team, giving feedback, resolving a conflict, negotiating a deal or any other situation that requires you to make an impact.

Drawing on his knowledge of leadership, coaching, psychology and communication, combined with his extensive professional experience of training actors, Steve offer leaders the ideal opportunity, through Performance Coaching, to develop your confidence and ability as a leader, presenter and communicator.

Coaching for Actors

Steve is an experienced professional actor, director, acting teacher and coach, who has been on the staff of NIDA, Actors Centre Australia, AFTT and runs his own Acting Masterclasses. He has a wealth of knowledge and professional experience which he offers to actors and acting students, through both one-on-one coaching and classes.

Whether you are already working in the industry or are just starting out, a series of coaching sessions or classes with Steve will revitalise your skills and knowledge of the acting process (stage and screen), provide you with high quality feedback about your work, build your confidence and motivation, as well as comprehensively prepare for your next audition, screentest or role. You may also benefit from coaching in respect to your career goals.

One Life Coaching

You only have this one life.
What are you doing with it? What do you really want to do with it?
What does success look and feel like for you? What are your unique talents and abilities?
What is holding you back from reaching your potential and achieving your goals?
How can you apply your unique gifts and skills to make a positive difference in the lives of others and your own life?

Whether you want to create changes in your life, work, career or relationships, One Life Coaching will enable you to feel more confident and clear about what actions and behavioural changes you need to make to bring you closer to you achieving what you want in your life.

Everybody has to know for themselves what they are capable of.

Daniel Day Lewis

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