The Leader as Presenter

Making an Impact

As a leader, you are constantly in the spotlight and required to present yourself with confidence, clarity and skill. This includes embracing all the different aspects of the role – leader, visionary, motivator, presenter, communicator, storyteller, coach, negotiator and listener.


The Leader as Presenter  will focus on your leadership ‘presence’ and how this manifests in the workplace, whether you are making live or online presentations, media appearances, communicating your vision, facilitating meetings, coaching your team, giving feedback, resolving a conflict, negotiating or any other situation that requires you to make an impact.

The coaching will significantly improve your ability to make an impact, tell your organisation’s and your own story, project your ‘presence’, respond to questions and communicate your story with clarity, authenticity and passion. Storytellers who capture the audience’s attention are passionate about their message and they share it in simple, approachable language and memorable images.

"The art of storytelling can be used to drive change."


Drawing on his knowledge of leadership, performance, psychology and communication, combined with his professional experience as an actor, director and trainer of actors at drama schools such as NIDA, Actors Centre Australia and AFTT, Steve will give you the ideal opportunity, through The Leader as Presenter, to develop your confidence and ability as a leader, presenter and communicator.

Building on your current strengths as a leader, the practical techniques and processes offered by Steve through The Leader as Presenter will provide you a safe environment to extend your knowledge, skills and confidence as a presenter and communicator in your current leadership role, as well as provide you with valuable feedback to take your performance as a leader to the next level.

The Leader as Presenter  can also be run as a team workshop.


Steve is passionate about coaching leaders to develop a style of expressive, consultative and inspirational leadership, which enables leaders and their teams to become exceptional performers, communicators and designers of new possibilities.

"Business, like life, is all about how you make people feel. Stories help people feel more deeply and to help internalise the behaviours your team is expected to model. Successful leaders build a great culture with stories that bring the company’s purpose to life."


The Leader as Presenter with Steve distinguishes itself by focusing on what really makes an impactful presentation as well as covering the mechanics of presentation skills. Steve uses his experience in training actors to bring concrete and specific advice to business people on how to engage their audience. The coaching stimulated and engaged both myself and my team and we all found it very enjoyable. More importantly, it has had a lasting and significant impact on our presentation ability and our day-to-day interactions with each other and our clients.

Simon Smith,

Managing Director, eBay Australasia

As the Dean of a large faculty, I lead and manage a staff of over 200 people. I contacted Steve as I understood the importance of Communication and Presentation as part of my leadership role. Steve is a great coach. He has excellent communication skills and has great empathy. He has vastly improved my approach to communication, management and leadership. His approach is holistic, so I have also benefited personally as well as professionally. I feel much more capable and confident as a leader as a result of his coaching.

Mary Spongberg,

Dean. Faculty of Social Sciences, UTS

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