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Steve is regularly invited to facilitate leadership development team workshops in organisations and businesses from a variety of different industries. The content ranges from leadership development and teamwork to clarifying the vision, values and strategic plan, presentation skills, coaching skills, embracing change and building a high-performance culture.

Synthesising his extensive knowledge and skills from the fields of leadership development, coaching, psychology, adult education, teamwork and performance, Steve is able to offer a unique approach to leadership development that focuses on both the inner and outer game and which positively impacts the attitudes and behaviours of leaders at all levels of your organisation.


"Unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved."


In consultation with you (the client), a custom-designed workshop can be created and facilitated by Steve, who will work closely with you and your team to address specific challenges facing your organisation/ business and your team. The team will learn and practice strategies, skills and behaviours to successfully meet these challenges.

"My model for business is The Beatles. They balanced each other and the total was greater than the sum of its parts. Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people."


Content could include leadership development, teamwork and collaboration, strategic planning, creativity and innovation, coaching skills, giving feedback, crediting, embracing change, communication and presentation skills as well as facilitating team workshops (on or off-site) which include focusing on your vision, values and strategic plan, as well as identifying solutions to your current challenges.

Steve is committed to delivering distinctive and effective leadership development team coaching and facilitation that has a significant impact on both the professional and personal lives of his clients as well as the success of their businesses. His workshops are engaging, informative, active and reflective. Learning can be enjoyable.

"Don’t ever underestimate the power of people to pull together and to accomplish amazing things."


"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality."


Before this leadership team workshop, as a company, we were operating without clarity. Steve really helped us to make the necessary changes. To start to communicate and listen to each other. To get clear on what we need to do now and in the future. To become self-empowered to change our business, our environment and ourselves.

Steve -you are an inspirational and gifted facilitator, sensitive to both group and individual needs, keeping us on track so we reached the desired outcome. Well done!

Zed Elliott,

Creative Director, Extravert

I engaged Steve Matthews to facilitate Business Planning and Teamwork workshops. I had recently restructured the department and I had recruited several new team members. I therefore needed to ensure that all my staff were focussed on and engaged with our Business Plan and were able to work effectively together.

Steve spent time with me prior to conducting the workshops to ensure that he had a strong understanding of our business needs. He was then able to design and facilitate the workshops to achieve my aim of discussing and developing our business plan and determining appropriate actions and accountabilities to achieve our goals.

Steve did an exceptional job in facilitating these workshops. He used an inquisitive, questioning approach that ensured all participants were engaged in the process and able to constructively explore their working relationships with one another and develop effective strategies to work together to achieve our goals.

Elizabeth Tosti,

General Manager OH&S RMS

Steve’s team workshops have been highly successful because he has a unique style of connecting with and challenging the participants. His blend of practice and theory effectively takes participants on a journey of self-discovery and then he gives them the tools to draw their own conclusions and solutions. We see high levels of practical learning resulting from the workshops. Steve’s delivery and approach is effective because he allows participants to explore and interrogate the issues presented, in both a creative and practical way. More importantly, his strong interpersonal skills give him the intuitive flexibility to adapt the flow of the workshop to suit the mood and energy of the participants. Our partnership with Steve is highly successful and ongoing.

Kay Carey,

Manager, UNSW Co-op

Steve is one of those rare consultants who moves effortlessly between coaching training and facilitating with ease and grace. Adding to this, his professional experience in theatre as an actor, teacher and director, give him a unique backdrop to his work that few can emulate.

He is prepared to challenge those he works with, yet always with respect and from his own personal values and experience. In doing so he provides the inspiration for leaders to get clear on who they are, what’s important to them and the stand they need to take in the world.

Paul Mitchell,

Managing Director, The Human Enterprise

I found Steve’s leadership coaching so valuable that I also invited him to run a workshop with my entire team, with the purpose being to build our overall team vision. Feedback from the team about the structure and facilitation of the workshop was very positive.

Sharon Scheepers,

Marketing Director, eBay Australia

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